DIY Travel Guide: Aklan + Romblon Trip


I had a long time plan on traveling alone in an off the beaten path island here in the Philippines. And finally, I was able to make it happen last month. It was the most memorable travel I ever had, not just because I was able to experience a solo trip, but a life-changing event happened just before we end our journey in Romblon. 

Anyway, moving on, this is a travel guide for Aklan-Romblon trip. I spent a day on a secluded island in Buruanga, Aklan. I was blessed to be the only guest in the entire island that day compared when I went to Boracay a day after where flock of foreigners arrived. My heart aches furiously for what happened to Boracay. Yes, tourism brings money to the locals, but it can also ruin the beauty of the place if not properly taken care of. That's what is currently happening to Boracay, everything is all about the money now in that place.

I arrived in Caticlan Airport on a Tuesday morning.From there, you can walk outside and look for the tricycle terminal. Just tell them to drop you off at Alegria, Buruanga going to Hinugtan Beach. It was a 30-45 minutes ride from the airport. I had a reservation with them few weeks ago. The boat fare is 300 php round trip from Alegria to Hinugtan Island. Here is their Facebook Page if you would like to make a reservation. 

It was a rough boat ride going to Hinugtan. 

After 30 minutes of a bumpy boat ride, finally I set my eyes on this paradise.

There's nothing much to do in this place aside from contemplating about your existence. LOL. But don't get me wrong, this place is really nice. It has white sand beach with turquoise clear water. So yeah, this is by far my top list of white sand beaches. 

I met some local kids around 8-12 years old during my stay there. And they invited me to play volleyball. It was really fun! You see, you can also witness the amazing sunset from this place! :)
Posing for some Instagram worthy pictures!

This is my accommodation for 1 night. It's peak season already so the normal rate should be 1,200 php/night but, Ma'am Hayde (the owner) is kind enough to give me discount of 200 php. :)

After a day of staying in Hinugtan, I went to Boracay to meet the others for our Romblon trip. We stayed in Boracay for 1 night.
The group going to Odiongan, Romblon boarding 2go RORO. 

We went to Aglicay Beach after taking our lunch at Odiongan. It was more than an hour of tricycle ride from the house of our host.
Playing around Aglicay Beach.
The next day, we proceeded with our Romblon, Romblon trip. Our first stop was the Fort San Andres. It's just a short walk from the Tourism office. It was said that the Fort San Andres was built to guard the Romblon town against pirates and also to strengthen the dominance of Spaniards during that time. The tower gives a spectacular 360 degree view of Romblon. This is a must see tourist spot when you visited Romblon, Romblon.

We checked in at San Pedro Beach (apologies as I was not able to take some photo of the resort, the room per night is 800 php). We then visited Bonbon beach as it was just 20 minutes away from the resort. 
We spent the last day in Cobrador, Lugbon and Bonbon beach. The picture above was taken in Cobrador island. I wasn't able to take some good photos of Lugbon beach.

Our last destination was the Bonbon beach again, but this time, an almost-tragedy happened to us. One of us got almost drowned but good thing, we were rescued by some students who were passing the beach that time. God is indeed good all the time!

1st day
1:45 pm Caticlan
2:19 pm Alegria,Buruanga (100 php motor bike)
2:43 pm Hinugtan 

2nd day
12:45 pm ETD hinugtan (1,600 total bill, 1,000 php room, 300 foods, 300 boat)
01:16 pm ETA Alegria, Buruanga (100 php motor bike)
01:51 pm Jetti port
02:18 pm Boracay
02:25 pm Going to D'mall (20 pesos)
09:00 pm Dinner (300 php Jonah's)

3rd day
06:31 pm Jetti port (100 terminal fee, 480 2go fare, breakfast 95 tapsilog)
08:31 am ETD Caticlan going to Odiongan
11:00 am ETA Odiongan
11:57 am lunch Laszaji 
12:41 pm ETD Laszaji 
01:00 pm ETA friend's house in Odiongan
01:52 pm ETD house going to Aglicay beach
03:15 pm ETA Aglicay beach  (300 each dinner and entrance) 
07:00 pm ETD Aglicay beach
08:56 pm ETA friend's house

4th Day
05:30 am ETD going to San Agustin (jeep 120 each)
07:20 am ETA San Agustin port (terminl fee 10 php)
08:00 am ETD San agustin port going to Romblon, Romblon (100 php each)
09:00 am ETA Romblon, Romblon
10:30 pm ETA Fort San andres (20 php entrance fee)
11:34 pm ETD Fort San andres
11:40 pm ETA  Tourism office (lunch 103 php each)
12:26 pm ETA San Pedro Beach (tricycle 170 php) 
03:15 pm ETD San Pedro Beach to bon bon beach
03:45 pm ETA Bonbon beach (150 php tricycle)
05:30 pm ETD Bonbon beach
05:55 pm ETA San Andres Beach
07:00 pm Dinner 

5th Day
09:17 am ETD San Pedro Beach
09:47 am ETA Tourism office (pack lunch 300 php)
10:24 am ETD Romblon port (jenber)
11:15 am ETA Cobrador island (300 php cottage, 200 php entrance fee)
02:32 pm ETD Cobrador island
03:16 pm ETA Lugbon island
03:31 pm ETD Lugbon island
03:35 pm ETA Bonbon beach (1500 php boat)
09:00 pm ETD Romblon (2go)