Mt. Gola + Mt. Manalmon Twin Day Hike

Looking for a not-so-hardcore-climb with beautiful scenery + side trip adventures which is just 2-3 hours away from Manila? :) A twin day hike to Mt. Gola + Mt. Manalmon is the best place to be for the newbies in mountaineering and even for those experienced ones who just want a chill climb over the weekend. Biak-na-Bato National Park boasts not just only these two mountains, but as well as some outdoor adventures like spelunking in Madlum and Bayukbok Caves, swimming at the very refreshing Madlum River or try crossing their Monkey bridge over the river! 

How to Get There?

  • Take a bus bound to Cabanatuan from Cubao or Pasay (we took the FiveStar Bus from Pasay, but Baliwag Transit and ES Transport also offers the same trip). Ask the driver first if it will pass by San Miguel, Bulacan. The signage from our bus is Gapan San Miguel. Travel time is about 2-3 hours from Pasay.
The Bus going to San Miguel Bulacan
  • Tell the conductor to drop you off at Brgy. Sibul, from there, ride a tricycle to Sitio Madlum. Travel time is around 45 mins. 
  • Go to the registration area and choose the adventures you want to take.

We took the day hike to Mt. Manalmon plus an additional 200 php for Mt. Gola
Each visitor needs to sign at the registration area and present the confirmation email of your booking. Yes, they already require everyone to send an email first to Mr. Rodrigo Florencio ( for your hiking intent as they closely monitor the river to avoid tragedy to happen again during rainy days because seven students already drowned there last August 2014 during their tragic field trip in Mt. Manalmon. (read more here.

Our guide, kuya francis giving us some briefing on do's and don'ts. 

Trail Map of Madlum Caves

Yes, you'll be greeted with loads of warnings, do's and don't in the registration area. They strictly implement the rules so you better follow it! ;)

We started our trek to Mt. Gola at around 09:58 am, we pass through this small cave along the trail.

The trail going to Mt. Gola, It was February 13 when we're there, can you spot the heart-shaped cloud? <3 

It was really hot during that day so we took a dip in the refreshing river in between the Mt. Gola (left) and Mt. Manalmon. (right)

We continued the trek to Mt. Gola Summit.

We reached the Mt. Gola summit at around 11:50 am. We had our lunch there before going to Mt. Manalmon.

We continued our trek to Mt. Manalmon at 12:50 pm, there are 2 trails that you can choose from. The first one was the long easy trail but you need to endure the scorching heat of the sun, the other one was the short with trees surrounding but very steep trail. We chose the second one as it was really hard for us to endure the heat of the sun that time.

We reached the summit of Mt. Manalmon with 169 MASL at 01:55 pm. After taking some photos and rest at the summit, we continued our trek going back to registration area at 02:40 pm. We're supposed to go spelunking at the caves but our guide told us that caves 1-6 (which are the exciting but difficult ones) are currently closed by DENR as they need to explore first how safe the caves are for the guests so we just decided to return there when they open it again.

In replacement of the supposed spelunking adventure, we just tried crossing the Madlum river through the Monkey Bridge! It was really fun and I highly recommend this activity! :) 

We washed up at around 4:00 pm before going home. They have comfort rooms but with a fee. The cost is 10 php per gallon of water not per usage of the comfort room.

05:15 am ETD Brgy. Pio Makati 
05:30 am ETA Fivestar Bus Station 
06:11 am ETD Fivestar Bus Station
08:30 am ETA Brgy. Kamias (ride tricycle going to Sitio Madlum)
09:21 am ETA Sitio Madlum 
09:30 am Register at Madlum
09:58 am Start trek to Mt. Gola
10:15 am swimming at the river 
10:45 am continue trek to Mt. Gola
11:50 am ETA Mt. Gola (eat pack lunch)
12:50 pm ETD Mt. Gola start trek to Mt. Manalmon.
01:15 pm ETA river (swim and take rest)
01:37 pm ETD river start trek to Mt. Manalmon
01:55 pm ETA Mt. Manalmon summit
02:40 pm ETD Mt. Manalmon start trek back to registration area
03:15 pm ETA registration area, try monkey bridge and prepare to go home
05:54 pm ETD Sitio Madlum

TRAVEL EXPENSES (good for 4 persons):
  • -Bus fare from Pasay to San Miguel Bulacan- 128 php each
  • -Tricycle from Brgy. Sibul to Sitio Madlum- 60 php per head (240 php total) 
  • -Guide fee for Twin day hike- 125 php per head (500 php total)
  • -Monkey Bridge fee- 50 php per head
  • -Bathroom fee- 10 php per head (1 gallon of water provided, additional 10 php per gallon) 
  • -Tricycle from Sitio Madlum to Bus terminal- 60 php per head (240 php total)
  • -Bus fare from San Miguel Bulacan to Cubao terminal- 128 php each
TOTAL EXPENSE PER PERSON: 561 pesos (Please take note that I didn't include other expenses here like foods and pasalubong)

  • -Don't forget to email them first at and address it to Mr. Rodrigo Florencio telling your intent to book a date for hike.
  • -Bring at least 2 liters of water. It can get really hot on regular days!
  • -Put on sunblock lotion! We forgot this so we got sunburns on the exposed body parts.
  • -Wear proper trekking attire like sandals or trekking shoes.
  • -Bring headlamp or flashlight if you're going to try spelunking.
  • -Bring extra clothes and toiletries!
  • -Bring trail foods and pack lunch! (but there are also carinderias in the registration area where you can buy foods)
  • -Relax and enjoy the view!


  1. Hi! Ask ko lang if anong gagawin kapag walang confirmation sa e-mail? Pwede bang magwalk-in na lang?

  2. hi! Same as question sa taas. Pano kung walang confirmation. I already sent a msg kaso di pa nagrresponse. 2 days nalang hike na. Thanks

  3. I had a good read, it makes me more excited to go there ... I am few hours away from Mt. Gola and Mt. Manalmon now :)