DIY travel guide to Bolinao, Pangasinan

This will be my first blog post for the 2016, and my first ever travel to Pangasinan. I was invited by a friend to join them in their trip to Bolinao. We left the FiveStar Pasay Bus terminal on January 22 at 9:10 pm. The aircon bus fare is 469 php. We arrived in the Bolinao town proper at 03:00 am so we decided to eat our breakfast at a 24 hour eatery named "Adora's", you can tell the tricycle driver to bring you there if you arrived earlier as well. 

We then proceeded to Bolinao falls 2 (not so catchy, I know. hehe) to take some rest in one of their cottages, cottage rate is 200 php and and an entrance fee of 50 php.

Pictures taken in Falls 2

Most of the travelers would go first in Falls 1 but we made it as our second destination. It was already crowded in there so we were not able to swim or even jump on the cliff.

Pictures taken in Falls 1

We then had our lunch at Sungayon grill, the food was great! :)

Pictures taken at Sungayon grill

Before going to Patar, we dropped by at the near Lighthouse. Take note that we didn't explore the other tourist spots in Bolinao. I saw that they have 9 wonders but since my friend told me that the other entrance fees are overrated like in the enchanted cave  which cost 150 php and the rock formation at 75 php so we just took a rest the whole day in Patar Beach. It's your discretion if you want to explore more. :)
There's no entrance fee in lighthouse but they won't allow people inside.

Pictures taken in Patar Beach. You can see that we just brought our tents, cook set so it was much cheaper. The cost of pitching your tent in their resort (Nature's Camp resort) is 150 php per night. Additional 200 pesos for the use of their beach table, water and public toilets. 


9:10 pm etd five star bus pasay terminal
3 am eta bolinao
3:15am eat breakfast at adora's
4:30am eta fals 2 (woke up at 7 am)
9:30: am etd falls 2
9:45 am eta falls 1
10:14 etd falls 1
10:57 eta sungayan grill
12:20 etd sungayan grill
12:35 eta lighthouse
12:45 etd ligthouse
1:15 eta patar beach (overnight at patar beach)

1:30 etd patar beach
02:30 etd bus terminal (387)
09:30 eta evangelista makati

BUDGET: (this is a per person budget, we're 4 in a group) 

469 php-bus fare going to bolinao
300 php each (1200 total)-whole day tricycle rent from Bolinao terminal (you can also hire them to bring you to the 9 wonders)
50 php- cottage fee in falls 2
50 php-falls 2 entrance fee
50 php-falls 1 entrance fee
305 php-sungayon grill (1220 total bill)
75 php-rent fee for pitching tent (150 per tent)
50 php-water, public toilet and table usage (200 total)
172 php-bought foods in the market for dinner on first day, breakfast and lunch on the second day. (688 php total)
50 php- tricycle going to bus terminal (200 total for 4)
387 php-ordinary bus fare going to pasay terminal
1958 php

  • There's no signal in patar beach, so just relax and enjoy the view! 
  • If you're going to pitch your tents, make sure you have lamps or flashlights with you as there are no lights provided in the camping area. 
  • They have 10 php fee per device if you need to charge your gadgets
  • Bring your own drinking water if you're sensitive in tap water.
  • Contact number 0928-281-5199 (contact person is ate rose)

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