Chasing Waterfalls Series: The Famous Hulugan Falls!

I am not really a fan of mainstream tourist places, but I just couldn't stop myself from jumping into the bandwagon this time. The waterfalls in Luisiana (pronounced as Loo-sha-na)  Laguna is getting too much attention that you just couldn't ignore, so when we had the chance to witness its beauty last January 26, 2016, we grabbed the opportunity thinking that there aren't too many people on a weekday. 

We decided to meet up in JAC liner Buendia to ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz. We told the driver to drop us off at Pagsawitan.

The bus left at 06:33 am and it arrived in Pagsawitan at 09:15 am. We we're supposed to go somewhere in Majayjay, Laguna (I'll post a blog about it someday lol) of which will require us to ride a tricycle because the jeepney going there is rare. But sadly, it was a failed mission because the place that time was closed. Leaving us with no choice  but to pursue with our second trip to Hulugan falls. Then we just rented the tricycle to bring us there. It took us more than an hour to reach the Barangay San Salvador but to make the travel cheaper for you, you have the option to ride a jeep in Pagsawitan bound to Lucban. (Please don't follow what we did, because Hulugan falls is getting too much hype, the tricycle drivers there would usually offer tourists a ride from Pagsawitan to Barangay San Salvador at an overrated price, whereas it will only cost you 25 php when you ride a jeep).

The Barangay hall will assign a very kind tour guide when you arrive in the place. I asked them why all of their guides (based on my friends and my experience as well) are really  kind and attentive, they told me that they trained them and continuously meet with them every Saturday. This I think is one of the best things in this tourist place, they have locals who do their job with passion.

We started our trek going to Hulugan falls at 12:15 pm. It was a very muddy and slippery trail so be cautious with what you will wear. It will take 30 minutes to an hour depending on your pace. And by the way, it was Tuesday and we're the 16th group to register that day so yes that's how famous Hulugan falls has become now. But still, they told us that it's better to be there on a weekday than in weekends (the number of people the past 2 weekends were 1,000 to 1,8000).

We witnessed the beauty of Hulugan falls at 12:50 pm.

We asked kuya Salvi if there are other falls nearby aside from Hulugan so he brought us in two other falls in Barangay San Salvador. Not all of the tourists would have the chance to see these two falls given some circumstances like time and weather. Since we still have more time, we decided to proceed with the other two falls.

Our very attentive guide, kuya salvi! :) Please take note that there's no fixed guide fee in Hulugan, it's your discretion how much you will give to your guide, but please be considerate. They are very attentive and this is their only source of income as what Kuya Salvi said. The locals are very happy and grateful for the sudden popularity of their place because  tourism is helping them a lot financially.

We arrived and took some quick rest at Talong Talay at  02:20 pm then we continued our journey to Hidden falls.

It was not an easy trail going to hidden falls, but as the saying goes "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination", Hidden falls did not fail my expectations. It was enchanting and yes, literally hidden. hehe.

We ended our Hulugan falls trip at 04:00 pm, we then headed back to Barangay hall to wash up and prepare to go home.

If you want to eat before boarding the bus, you might want to try the Dianne's eatery beside the Bus terminal. Price ranges from 40 php and up.

06:00 am Meet up at JAC liner Buendia 
06:33 am ETD JAC liner Buendia (140 bus fare)
09:15 am ETA Pagsawitan (tricycle going to one of the falls in majayjay but it’s closed when we arrived so we just decided to proceed in Hulugan falls)
11:15 am ETA Barangay hall of Hulugan falls
12:15 pm ETD Barangay hall to Hulugan falls
12:50 pm ETA Hulugan falls
01:30 pm ETD Hulugan falls
02:20  pm ETA Talong talay
02:47 pm ETD Talong talay
02:58 pm ETA Hidden falls
03:15 pm ETD Hidden falls
03:24 pm ETA Talong talay
03:30 pm ETD Talong talay
04:27 pm ETA Barangay hall (800 tip)
05:30 pm ETD Barangay hall (1000, 250 each tricycle fare)
06:30 pm ETA Bus Terminal (dinner at dianne's)
07:45 pm ETD Bus Terminal (140 php bus fare)
10:00 pm ETA Evangelista

  • Bus fare going to Sta.Cruz- 140 php
  • Tricycle rent - 250 php (This is not advisable!)
  • Guide fee-200 each (4 in a group)
  • Bus fare going home -140 php
TOTAL: 730 php excluding foods (This can be reduced to 400 or even less depending on the number of members in a group and the sharing of guide fees)

  • Waterproofing for your things
  • Extra clothes
  • Bring water for trekking
  • Wear sandals or trekking shoes