Mission Climb at Anaba Elementary School + Side Trip in Batad

One of the goals that I really want to achieve when climbing mountains is to reach the unreachable, unheard tribes through a mission climb. We all know how inaccessible, inconvenient and hard it is to go to that places but I know that God will give us strength to endure everything that we'll be going through just to accomplish the mission that He gave us. I realized this after climbing the highest mountains in Luzon and Mindanao, if I could complete the traverse and reach the summit then why can't I do it with a purpose? by giving something back to the least of His brethren? so my prayer had been answered just this weekend (September 25-26, 2015) when a friend of mine invited me to join their outreach climb at Banaue. It was one of the most treasured events in my life, I could still feel the muscle pains while writing this blog after the exhausting climb but the happy memories made me feel better than the pains.

Our group assembled at MCDO morayta at 9:00pm and proceeded to start our journey going to Banaue. It was a very long drive since we got lost on our way for 4 hours but we managed to arrived  at Anaba Elementary School at 11:45 am.

our arrival at Anaba Elementary school

the girls taking groupfie with one of the students

the girls playing volleyball with the locals

our boys versus the locals 

delicious foods prepared by the locals

because we prefer to eat in banana stalk:) 

the students singing together :)

repacking the donations :)
repacking the donations :)

preparing for distribution :)

 preparing for distribution :)

 our group prepared some games for the kids :)

all smiles after the distribution :)

Our program ended at 5:00 pm then it rained so we waited a couple of minutes before we go to Batad for our tour the next day. We managed to end the day despite of trekking in the middle of the night. :)

Since the organizer of this event is a local of Batad, she offered us to stay in her uncle Ramon's famous Homestay and Restaurant.

One of their tables made in bottles! It's really awesome!

Sumptuous food in Ramon's Homestay and Restaurant

we stayed in a Nippa hut :)
 taking pictures in our room

view from my window in the morning! :)

The next morning, our friend toured us in their beautiful place. We trekked around the rice terraces and of course we did not missed to visit the Tappiya Water falls!

 trekking in Batad Rice Terraces!
 Our group having some fun!
taking some pictures! :)
 Having some fun in tappiya falls! :)
  Having some fun in tappiya falls! :)
 Having some fun in tappiya falls! :)
 Having some fun in tappiya falls! :)
 Having some fun in tappiya falls! :)

 the astounding Tappiya Falls
 on our way back to Ramon's Homestay to pack our things! :)
 on our way back to Ramon's Homestay to pack our things! :)
 on our way back to Ramon's Homestay to pack our things! :)

We ended the day trekking back to saddle! We got back to Manila at 4:00 am on September 27, 2015, it's a total of 12 hours long drive since our driver got sore eyes and needs some sleep in between.  :)

Here's the itinerary of our tour:

Depart Manila: 9:00 pm - Sep 25
Day 1 
11:45 AM ETA Anaba
Preparation: 2:00 pm
Activities: 2:00 pm-4:00 pm
off to Batad: 5:00-8:00pm
Sleep in Batad. 

Day 2: Rest and Recreation (Tour Batad Rice Terraces, Tappiya Falls)
Back to Manila: 6:00 pm
ETA Manila: 4:00 am

NOTE: There's no signal in Batad so just enjoy the view take some day off from social media world.