SSS ID Replacement

Few months ago, I lost my UMID (Unified Multi-purpose Identification) so I scheduled a day (which was today) to have it processed again. But before I went to an SSS branch, I researched thoroughly first the requirements needed so it would be less hassle for me since we all know how long it will take to process any kind of documents or ID in any government agency.

So here are the preparations I took before proceeding to an SSS branch:

1. Download and fill-up SSS form E-6 
    You can download it from this link and fill it up electronically using PDF reader or fill it up  manually.  

Remember to check the "Card Replacement" and "Replacement of Lost Card" boxes when filling this up. 

2. Download and fill-up SSS form R-6
      You can download it from this link and fill it up electronically using PDF reader or fill it up  manually.  

Check the "ID Social Security Card" box

3. Get an Affidavit of Loss
       You can create your own affidavit of loss and have it notarized to any notary public. Common price if you have your printed document is 100 php while they charge 150 php if they will create it from scratch for you (well, not really from scratch since they already have a template for that).

Here's my affidavit of loss created by the notary public somewhere in Makati area: 

You can copy, print and bring the printed sample document below in any notary public f you don't want to pay additional fees:

C I T Y  O F M A K A T I) S.S.


That I, ____________________________ of legal age, Filipino citizen, single with residence and postal address at ____________________________________________, after having duly sworn to in accordance with the law do hereby depose and say:

That I am the owner and in possession of SSS I.D. with number _________________ issued by
Social Security System (SSS);

That the aforesaid SSS I.D. was lost due to unavoidable circumstances when it was unfortunately miplaced;

That despite of diligent effort has been made to look for the said item mentioned above but proved futile and must therefore considered it lost for all intents and purposes.

That I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of foregoing facts and to inform the proper authorities concern and for whatever legal purpose this affidavit may serve.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand on this ___ day of Month Year, in the City of _______.

                                                                           (PRINTED NAME AND SIGNATURE)

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me on this this ___ day of Month Year, in the City of _______.

Doc. No.
Page No.                                                                                                                     Notary Public
Book No.
Series of  Year
4. Prepare 2 valid IDs. 
       Here are the acceptable valid IDS:
Remember to have it photocopied. 

5. Prepare 300 php cash.
       This is for the replacement fee from which you will present the R-6 form.

6. Email the SSS branch
       This is an additional step you can take if you really want to make sure that the branch you're planning to go to has already a tellering section from which you can pay the 300 php replacement fee since not all SSS branch has this facility. I emailed the SSS Makati Gil Puyat and got a prompt response. 

 My Email 

Their Response


1. Go to your chosen SSS Branch
     So I finally proceeded to an SSS branch, but I went to Pasay branch instead in Gil Puyat Branch. Ask the guard where you can get the queue number and tell him that you already have the documents needed. If they don't have a tellering section, he will tell you to go to the nearest bank and bring at least 2 copies of R-6 form and pay the replacement fee. Unfortunately, they don't have a tellering section, but good thing there's an SSS-accredited bank which is BPI just beside their branch where I paid the 300 php replacement fee. Before you go to the nearest bank, be sure to get your queue number already since SSS branches always have a very long queue, I got 186 transaction number while the current number that was processing during that time was 152, imagine the time you can save while paying the fees in the bank. (By the way, If you're going to pay in BPI, just choose the "SSS Payment" option on their kiosk). 

2.  Pay Replacement fee
        You can pay the 300 php fee in their tellering section (if they have one) or the nearest accredited bank like what I did in Pasay Branch.

3.  Submit documents
       Wait for your number to be called

The waiting area. 

Out of boredom while waiting I decided to monitor the time they consumed while processing each person. It turns out from my mini experiment that the minimum time spent is 2 mins while the maximum time is 6 minutes:


From what I observe, it would really be a big help for SSS representatives and those who are waiting if each one of us take some responsibility in bringing the completed requirements before proceeding on their branch, The 4 minutes and above are those who went there without no documents at all, their time was mostly consumed asking the SSS representative on the documents that they need to bring when they returned.

So here's my official time when it was my turn to submit the documents:

The perks of being ready

 3.  Proceed to ID capture section
After they sign your documents, they will tell you to proceed to the ID capture section.

Their ID capture section

Official time spent on this step.

After the capturing process, they will give you this acknowledgement receipt: 

The guy told me that they will deliver the ID on the address on the form that I submitted and it will take 2-3 months.

So that's it! I hope this blog helped you in any way! Just leave a comment if you have any questions and please feel free to share! :) 


  1. Hello Ms. Andrea, thank you for this information. Just wanna ask you something, if how many R-6 needed to print? I just heard it needs to be 6 copies? Thank you and have a good day.