A Piece Of Heaven on Earth- Mt. Pulag (Part 2)

My experience to Pulag would never be complete without witnessing the beauty of the sea of clouds! So yup, I joined again another group of mountaineers to reach the highest summit of Luzon! It happened  June 12-14, 2015 but this time, we opt to take the easy path, the Ambangeg trail. :)

The Summit + Sea of Clouds! 

 at DENR
 Babadak Ranger Station

The group! :)

 Majestic view!
 Majestic view!
Jump shot!

Here's the itinerary
Day 0 (June 12, 2015, Friday)
1930 Assembly At Victory Liner Cubao
200 ETD Cubao to Baguio
Day 1 (June 13, 2015, Saturday)
0300 ETA Victory Liner Baguio/Book for return tickets/Prep. for chartered jeepney ride.
0330 ETD Baguio to DENR (2hrs)
0600 Breakfast at first stop over
0700 ETA DENR's visitors center/attend orientation/ register
0800 ETD DENR's visitors center to Ranger Station
1000 ETA Babadak Ranger Station/lunch/arrange guide
1030 Start trek to camp 1
1200 ETA Camp 1/trek to camp 2
1400 ETA Camp 2 Extension/late Lunch
1600 ETD summit assault(1hr from Camp2)/trek to saddle/pitch tent/meet the Other team from Akiki trail
1700 Prepare Dinner/socials til lights out
Day 2 (June 14, 2015, Sunday)
0330 Wake up call/prepare for summit assault
0400 Summit assault
0500 ETA summit/wait for sunrise/explore/pictorial
0700 Descent back to campsite
0800 campsite/breakfast/brunch
0930 break camp
1000 start descent to ranger station
1200 ETA ranger station/tidy up
1300 ETD ranger station to Baguio
1330 DENR logout/buy souvenir shirt
1700 ETA Victory Liner Baguio/dinner/buy pasalubong
1900 ETD Baguio to Manila
Day 3 (June 15, 2015, Monday)
0100 ETA Victory Liner Cubao
Home Sweet Home/Back to Work.