Trading Plan for the first week of May

The PSEi experienced another pullback last Thursday (April 30, 2015) from which, of course, made every trader think if the "Sell in May and go away" is really happening. Is it really time for our index to make a complete reversal from its longtime bullish cycle? Hhm, we'll see in the following days to come, but here's my analysis of our index:

and here's my current portfolio:

As you can see, I sold my IS and DD shares (based on this previous post) because of the price action telling me that I need to switch to profitable stocks.



here are the stocks I'm currently holding:



As you can see from my trades, I still got a long way to go as a trader, but the best thing about this journey is I'm continually learning from every trade that I make. I don't count my loss as a defeat, I count it as a learning experience. And you know what's the best thing about losing? it will keep you grounded, it'll give you some realizations that it's now always about winning, but about being persistent and being passionate about what you really love to do. :)